MCL Institute: “Shifting The Mindset” Learning Path Released

Online learning paths are being designed by Bea McGarvey, co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL). These learning paths are being hosted on the MCL Institute available through EduPlanet21.

The first of an eight part series is available now. “Shifting the Mindset” focuses on the foundational understandings necessary to replace the Industrial Age model of schools with MCL’s Information Age Vision of learning communities. It can be found at: for $50/seat. Bulk discounts are available for schools and districts interested in providing content for their entire staff.

Future MCL Learning Paths will include: Skilled Leadership, Quality Instruction, Viable Learning Outcomes, Motivating Learning Opportunities, Varied Evidences of Learning, Customizing Structures, & Transformational Technologies.


Course Overview:

Study and reflect on the progress you are making on realizing a transformational vision for your learning community. Bea McGarvey, co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL), guides this online institute. Shifting the Mindset, the first of eight Learning Paths and a pre-requisite for the remaining seven, focuses on the foundational understandings necessary to replace the Industrial Age model of schools with MCL’s Information Age vision of a learning community.

Course Outcomes:

Within the 5 modules of the Shifting the Mindset learning path, you will increase your understanding of an plan the next steps for yourself and for you learning community regarding:

  1. The rationale for and components of the Mass Customized Learning Vision;
  2. The role and parts of creating a shared vision – Strategic Direction – for your learning community;
  3. The current research on motivation and the implications for your learning community;
  4. The paradigm shifts fueling the MCL Vision;
  5. The value of shifting from a culture of compliance and control to one of empowerment and investment.


Bea McGarvey, Educational Consultant
Co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL)

MCCL Members Present at MCL National Summit

MCCL had approximately 30 representatives attend the Mass Customized Learning National Summit at Penn State last week. Several of our members presented on a variety of topics including our MCCL Learning Progressions, Using a LMS and learner data to group and regroup learners and designing learning opportunities built on intrinsic motivators.

All our MCCL presenters will be delivering their presentations at our MCCL Summer Summit on August 8 & 9 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine.

MCCL Summer Summit: August 8-9

On August 8th & 9th we hosted a very successful 2-day Summit. Bea McGarvey delivered our Keynote, to get us started. She helped us reconnect to our MCL Vision, reflect on what we have accomplished thus far and presented some new thinking about the development of learning opportunities defined by seminars, labs, tutorials, and mentorships. Participants engaged in a combination of whole group and breakout sessions on a variety of topics and completed our second day with World Cafe and Team Time conversations. Thank you to all those who provided a breakout session. Collectively, you offered our participants a choice of 20 different breakouts.

Summit Presentation Proposals: Deadline Close!

We are collecting proposals to present at our MCL National Summit at Penn State and our MCCL Summer Summit in Waterville this summer. MCCL will be sponsoring a team of presenters who are interested in traveling to Penn State to participate in the MCL National Summit. We expect that these folks will also present at our MCCL Summer Summit in Waterville in August but need additional presenters willing to present at our August event.  Deadline for selecting our team is April 30th. Please following this link to submit your proposal for either summit.

2018 MCCL Summer Summit

Our MCCL Summer Summit is scheduled for August 7-9 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. We are still in the planning process but look forward to a specific focus on leadership, high school/middle school transformation, elementary transformation, and technology support. Please check back for more details soon.

2017-2018 Professional Development Planning

The Maine Cohort for Customized Learning Board of Directors is in the process of finalizing a detailed plan of events to support our members during the summer of 2017 through the 2017-2018 school year. We will publish the details here soon after our May 19th Board of Director’s meeting.

2017 MCL National Summit:

Register Soon!! Our Summit is Almost FULL!! Join us as educators from across the country meet to learn, share, and problem solve how they are transforming their learning communities to provide the “Ideal Learning Experience” for all learners.  Based on the vision described in “Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning: Learning in the Age of Empowerment” written by Chuck Schwahn and Bea McGarvey, educators in our National Alliance are identifyingInevitable Too the school structures that need to change in order to customize the learning experience for all learners.

Our National Summit will highlight the work of learners, facilitators and leaders who have been designing and transforming their learning communities. We will engage and leverage the experiences of our summit participants in a variety of learning experiences that will help support all levels of implementation.


MCCL Consortium Training: November 15th, January 23rd, & February 28th

Our Consortium Training is intended for anyone new to this work or those who want a refresher. Schools or school systems who are new to PBL work, or new teachers & administrators in a system that has been doing this work are encouraged to join us. This 3-day learning opportunity will touch upon all the different components of the work.  Come with a team and build a set of action steps for your system, school or program.

This event will include the following topics:

  • Building a culture of growth mindset, reflective practice, empowerment, and voice & choice.
  • Intrinsic Motivation & Engagement
  • The importance and impact of building a vision and guiding principles with a focus on the “Ideal Learning Experience”.
  • Focusing on Learning Goals vs Activities & Assignments
  • Curriculum: how it impacts instruction and helps define proficiency.
  • Planning Learning Experiences
  • Research-based Instructional Practices in a PBL environment

Teaching Habits of Mind Resources

Cohort Members are reminded to send your teachers the promotional codes to our Habits of Mind Resources on the EduPlanet21 Platform. Find the promotional codes on our members website.

As part of our Habits of Mind training on October 3rd, we provided our participants with access to our Habits of Mind Curriculum Learning Path as well as our Habits of Mind e-library of resources collected from and by MCCL teachers. Cohort leaders should check on Basecamp and our Members Only Website for the promotional codes that will provide all your teachers with the resources we have developed.