CCL Members

** As of September 11, 2020 the name of our organization has changed to “The Collaborative for Customized Learning”

The purpose of this page is to share resources with CCL Member Districts. All our curriculum/learning progression documents are posted on our “members only” site along with webinars and updates on our high school transcript report development, resources from our complex reasoning training, Leadership Academy resources, habits of mind resource development and EduPlanet21 access codes.

A representative from each member districts has received the password to access this site. Please do not distribute this password. You are welcome to download these resources and post them on a local site that only your staff has access. Please do not post our full curriculum documents on your district website. If you need a set of sample documents to post on your website, please email [email protected] or link to our MCCL Website home page.

CCL Members Only Site

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