Session Resources

General Session Mon. 9am – What We’ve Learned? Where From Here? – Chuck Schwahn and Bea McGarvey – PDF of Slides

General Session Tues 9am – Purposeful 1:1 – Technology in Support of Customized Learning – Jim Moulton – Link to Resources

General Session Wed. 9am – Time, Space, Path and Pace: Leveraging Technology for Customized LearningJulie MathiesenLink to session resources

ES1 – Digital Literacy Skills Critical for Independent Learning – Lennie Symes – Link to Resources

ES2 – May the Force Be With You: Planning for the Unique Needs of Young AdolescentsLindsay Mahoney & Hope Herrick – PDF of Slides

ES3 – A Counselor’s Perspective: Pivotal Moments from the Master Scheduler – Abbie Forbus – Link to Resources

ES4 – Grouping and Regrouping Learners Around Learning TargetsJen BrownPDF of slides

ES5 – A Rushmore State Recipe for MCL with a Dash of MOD – Stefanie Gross, Lisa Cardillo, Ryan Rollinger, & Kevin Lein – PDF of handouts and PDF of slides

ES9 – Learner Facilitator’s Perspective – Amalia Lopez and Caitlin Skinner – Link to Prezi

ES10 – The Elementary Teacher’s Perspective – Nelly Lopez – Link to Resources

ES13 – Expanding our Vision of Learning and Beyond – Sara Weaver & Kathy CornishShared Folder of session resources

ES15 – This is Our Opportunity: Directly Teaching Thinking Skills – Debra Pickering – Link to Resources

ES16 – Pathways to Student Support – Marisa Penney – Link to Resources

ES18 – A Systems Spproach to MCL, Starting with Middle School Math – Brad Seamer – Link to Session Resources

ES19 – Online FlexTime Manager: Steps Towards an MCL Scheduler – Nathan Hammond – Link to Resources

ES21 – How the Phases Help Support Implementation and Teachers – Lisa Whitman & Shannon Reed – Link to Shared Folder of Resources

ES25 – Middletopia: If Middle Schoolers Ran the Zoo!  – Kirby Reardon – link to Prezi

ES26 – FLiP: Fitness for Life Program (HS) RSU4 MaineCheryl Lambert, Sarah Rose, & Geoff Wright – Shared Folder of session resources

ES27 – Mass Customized Learning in the Primary ClassroomLaura Dunbar & Denyell Suomi – Shared folder of session resources

ES29 – Think Tank and Rocket Road Map – Jess Keim – PDF of Slides

ES31 – Unleashing the Potential for Mobile Devices & BYOD – Lennie Symes – Link to Resources

ES32 – Organizing Teaming That Works – Josh Tripp – Link to Shared Google Folder

ES33 – One District’s Journey Toward Customized Education for ALL Learners – Michael Snell – Link to Prezi