Professional Development 2018-2019

MCCL plans to host summits, workshops and consortia trainings in 2018-2019. Events will be added soon and throughout the year so please check back periodically.

MCCL Cohort members have a certain number of free seats at each of these trainings and will need to use their passwords to register for their free seats. Email Linda Laughlin ( for your “free seats” code. Registration numbers must be large enough to justify running each of these sessions, so please register as early as possible so our decisions to cancel a session are not made from a lack of accurate data.

We welcome non-MCCL Cohort members to any of our training events. 

MCCL Leadership Academy

FYI: Cohort members have unlimited access to seats for this event!

Cohort members requested that we continue and build upon our Leadership Academy which was started in September 2018 so we will return with more intensity this year. Our Academy is designed for building-level and district-level leaders as well as teacher leaders and instructional coaches responsible for leading the implementation of transformational change. All participants should understand and have a passion for developing proficiency-based, customized learning systems.

We will build upon the discussions we started last year which included using a common language and framework for leadership. Academy participants will identify their toughest challenges and we will use our collective experiences and expertise to suggest solutions and strategies. All participants will be expected to engage in problem solving discussions and share resources they have developed to transform their systems.

We have currently scheduled our first face-to-face meeting on September 27th and plan to meet at the Best Western Plus in Waterville, Maine. We also plan to meet on October 23rd with our Training the Trainer Complex Reasoning cohort and focus our discussions on how to build instructional expertise among all teachers/learning facilitators. This year we will follow-up with online communication forums and additional live sessions as determined by the group.

If we receive a strong interest in our Leadership Academy, we will consider splitting up into two different groups and identify additional days and regional locations. So, please be prepared to register as soon as registration opens on August 13th.

13+ Contact hours will be provided.  Brochure &  Registration Link  Best Western Plus, Waterville, Maine


Maine Cohort for Customized Learning Summits

Our summit format provides participants an opportunity to share and collaborate in an effort to problem solve and create new methods and action steps that help address our largest implementation challenges.

September 11, 2018   Pacing Learner Progress Through Flexible Grouping & Teachers “Sharing the Load” Brochure & Registration Link Manchester, New Hampshire                  

October 5, 2018    Instructional Design & Defining Proficiency Through Multiple Forms of Evidence Brochure & Registration Link  Manchester, New Hampshire  

More Summits will be posted soon


Reaching High Levels of Rigor: Teaching Critical Thinking

3 Day Teaching Critical Thinking: October 29, November 20, & December 10 at Hampden Academy

This training is a 3-day learning opportunity that focuses on how to explicitly teach critical thinking. It includes how to integrate the teaching of critical thinking with content knowledge and how critical thinking skills help us define proficiency. Teachers, Administrators, and Instructional Support Staff are encouraged to attend. Schools that are not members of the Maine Cohort for Customized Learning are welcome to send their staff.

Participants will learn how to teach each of the critical thinking skills in Marzano’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives as presented in Marzano & Pickering’s Dimensions of Learning Teacher’s Handbook and return to their classrooms to practice between training dates.

Costs: Non-MCCL Members: $350/participant, MCCL Members Extra Seats: $250/seat Brochure  Register Here

Complex Reasoning Train the Trainer: September 28, October 23, November 27, & December 11 (with online follow-ups during the year): at Best Western Plus, Waterville, Maine

Participants will learn how to explicitly teach each of the complex reasoning skills in Mazano’s Taxonomy and return to their learning communities to help lead the training of their colleagues. These sessions will serve as a follow-up for those who have previously participated in our traditional 3-Day Complex Reasoning Training. We will also accommodate those who have not had the previous training but are committed to doing some additional reading, etc. to build their own background knowledge.

Sessions will include sharing artifacts of classroom experiences where the integration of teaching complex reasoning skills is clear and intentional. Participants will return to each session prepared to share their experiences in an evidence-based, reflective practice environment.

We will discuss and problem solve how schools can build capacity and what the evidence is that learners are thinking at higher levels of rigor. We will explore different strategies for building a culture that supports learners thinking at higher levels of rigor.

On October 23rd, we will combine this cohort with the Leadership Academy cohort for a conversation about building instructional capacity, etc. The four days of face-to-face work will be followed by ongoing, online live sessions as well as discussion board conversations throughout the year, to support these teacher leaders and administrators. Implementation of MCCL’s New Complex Reasoning Curriculum will also be included in this learning experience. We are currently planning for one cohort for this training and therefore have scheduled the group to meet in Waterville, Maine. If we have a large registration we will consider splitting up the group and hosting two cohorts, one in the Hampden area and the other in the Portland area. So, please register early so we can determine our level of interest.

Costs: Non-MCCL Members: $400, MCCL Members Extra Seats: $300/seat  Brochure   Register Here

Building a Culture for Critical Thinking (One Day Training): Spring 2019 (Date and Location TBD later in the Fall.

This learning opportunity will focus on how to build a culture that supports learners thinking at a deeper level of content knowledge and to develop an evidenced-based reflective practice culture. Participants will share and collaborate about their efforts to develop thinking skills among their learners. This could provide a follow-up/extension for those who have already participated in our 3-day teaching Critical Thinking Training but it can also serve as an introduction for those who have not yet been able to participate in our 3-day Teaching Critical Thinking Training.

Costs: Non-MCCL Members: $250, MCCL Members Extra Seats: $150/seat


Habits of Mind 


Empower User Group Meetings


Special Topic & Role Specific Workshops


Curriculum/Learning Progression Revision Projects


Board of Directors’ Meetings & Retreat


Training Events Previous Offered in 2018-2019

MCCL Summer Summit 2018

August 8 & 9 @ Thomas College in Waterville, Maine

We have two full days of whole group and breakout sessions planned for both August 8th and 9th. Join us for one or both days.

Although each day has a primary focus, both days will include sessions on a variety of topics including using data to customize instruction, communicating with stakeholders, flexible grouping, using learning progressions and learner management systems, teaching complex reasoning, habits of mind and content knowledge and intrinsic motivation. Details

Costs: MCCL Members: $150/day or $250 for both days,  Non-MCCL Members: $200/day or $350 for both days


2018 MCCL Resource Development Project

August 13 & 15 @ T & B Celebrations Center, Waterville, Maine

This project includes helping teachers design learning experiences that include our three-circle instructional framework (content, complex reasoning & habits of mind). Participants bring a lesson, unit, etc. or start from scratch. Participants will be paid to build these resources as they collaborate and provide each other with important feedback that results in an improved set of lessons, units, etc. These exemplars will be made available to all MCCL members and regardless what curriculum learning goals you are using; your teachers and learning facilitators will be able to learn from these exemplars. 

This project also includes a review of our Habits of Mind and Complex Reasoning e-Libraries. Anyone involved will bring home plans for how to make their colleagues more aware of these resources.