Successful advocacy and promotion of the model with all stakeholders

  • Recognition that this organization is known as the ‘go to’ group
  • Connection with post secondary organizations to build understanding
  • Coordinated, strategic lobbying for money and other resources to support the work
  • Data gathered to evaluate the success of the model and its practices
  • A communication system to convey the message of the organization to all stakeholders

A well developed and refined Customized Learning (proficiency-based) model to include

  • Clear definition of what learners need to know, be able to do, and be like
  • A system of student goal setting and monitoring of their progress to proficiency
  • A system that facilitates fluid movement of students among multiple learning opportunities
  • A comprehensive, user friendly, transparent recording and reporting system
  • A model of successful integration of technology
  • A system of shared leadership including, students, staff, parents, community
  • Continuous improvement practices embedded in the system