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2019 MCL National Summit & Learning Paths Update

This summer a number of MCCL members attended the MCL National Summit in Rapid City, South Dakota. Breakout & Deep Dive Sessions were offered by Rich Eby & Elizabeth LeBlanc from Pequea Valley, Elizabeth Firnkes, Crystal Priest, Kit Canning, & Travis Works from Cornville, Cheryl Lang from MSAD 44, and Linda Laughlin, MCCL Executive Director. Thank you to all of these folks who traveled to Rapid City.
A full set of MCL Learning Paths designed by authors, Bea McGarvey and Chuck Schwahn, were release as part of the National Summit. You can access those learning paths @
These learning paths have been revised and arranged into “series” which makes each of them equivalent to about a half day workshop day. Think differently about how you are building capacity and consider providing different options/choices to your staff. There is still a place for face-to-face training opportunities but there are also more online training opportunities available that will help you provide your staff with different options (asynchronous & synchronous) for how they build their understanding.
Bea McGarvey’s learning paths can be used to build an understanding in each of MCL’s 8 MCL Interdependent Components. These learning paths are being offered at “bundle” prices. For as low as $25/seat you will be able to offer several additional learning experiences for your staff. If you are interested in purchasing a bundle set of seats (50 or more) please contact Executive Director, Linda Laughlin at:
MCCL is also in the process of building additional learning paths and e-libriries that support and complement the learning paths built by authors, Bea McGarvey & Chuck Schwahn. More details to come!!

New Teachers/Learning Facilitators Webinar Series

New hires/learning facilitators to the profession, or new to designing and implementing a standards-based approach, are encouraged to join us for this webinar series. We will start by evaluating participant’s biggest challenges and answer their urgent questions. Participants will determine the focus for future sessions and veteran teachers/learning facilitators will join us to talk about how they address these challenges in their classrooms.

Contact hour certificates will be provided. Online login details will be sent to those registered, so please register soon.

Register Here


Spring/Summer 2019 MCCL Webinars

April 4, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Using Learning Progressions to Design Ideal Learning Experiences?

April 23, Tuesday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Integrating Habits of Mind & Critical Thinking in Daily Lessons? Registration Link

April 25, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Instructional Design: Integrating Explicit Teaching of Critical Thinking Registration Link

April 29, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Teaching Habits of Mind: How Teaching HOM Improves Instructional Effectiveness.  Registration Link

April 30, Tuesday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Measuring & Providing Feedback On Habits of Mind: How Teaching HOM and  Providing Learners With Effective   Feedback Improves Instructional Effectiveness and Helps Build a Culture of Learning. (1 day + MCCL HOM Learning Path) Registration Link

May 2, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: New Teachers/Learning Facilitators: A Review of Year #1: What Will You Do   Differently Next Year? (A Three Part Series That Will Continue Into the Summer) Registration Link

May 6, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Complex Reasoning Learning Progression Release Registration Link

May 13, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Communication: What Are Our Key Messages? What Are The Major Misunderstandings   About What We Are Doing to Provide Every Learning With The “Ideal Learning Experience”? (Communications Project) Registration Link

May 16, Thursday  Webinar: Instructional Design: Intrinsic Motivation Registration Link

TBD  Webinar: How to Use Social Media to Communicate Your Vision (Communications Project)

Spring/Summer  Book Talk: “Swimming in the Deep End” (Communications Project)

July 16-18 Tues. – Thurs.  National MCL Summit in South Dakota

July 31 & August 1 Wed. – Thurs.  MCCL Summer Summit

**Webinars will include a combination of direct instruction and an exchange of ideas between participants. All Webinars will be 60 mins.

MCCL Book Talk: “Swimming in the Deep End: Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives”

2019 MCCL BookTalk

“Swimming in the Deep End: Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives”

By Jennifer Abrams


May 23rd & June 13th 2019 @ 3 p.m. Register Here

In an effort to build our skills at communicating the details of the transformational changes we are making in our learning communities, we are hosting a discussion about Jennifer Abrams’ book, “Swimming in the Deep End, Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives”.

Teachers, learning facilitators, building level and district level leaders, consultants, etc. are all invited to join us for live, online discussions about how Abrams’ messages apply to the challenges we have experienced while communicating the details of our vision.

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book which is available through and doing some reading before attending each of our two live sessions. Our two live book talk sessions will be held on May 23rd and June 13th at 3 p.m. EST. Each session will be 90 minutes long.

As a benefit of their MCCL membership, participants from MCCL member schools will receive a certain number of free seats to this book talk. See your district/school leaders for access to those free seats. We welcome non-MCCL members to join us for a minimal cost of $35/seat.

In the Fall of 2019, all our book talk participants will be offered a reduced rate to two webinars with our author, Jennifer Abrams, on September 18th and October 1st, 2019.


MCL Institute: “Shifting The Mindset” Learning Path Released

Online learning paths are being designed by Bea McGarvey, co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL). These learning paths are being hosted on the MCL Institute available through EduPlanet21.

The first of an eight part series is available now. “Shifting the Mindset” focuses on the foundational understandings necessary to replace the Industrial Age model of schools with MCL’s Information Age Vision of learning communities. It can be found at: for $50/seat. Bulk discounts are available for schools and districts interested in providing content for their entire staff.

Future MCL Learning Paths will include: Skilled Leadership, Quality Instruction, Viable Learning Outcomes, Motivating Learning Opportunities, Varied Evidences of Learning, Customizing Structures, & Transformational Technologies.


Course Overview:

Study and reflect on the progress you are making on realizing a transformational vision for your learning community. Bea McGarvey, co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL), guides this online institute. Shifting the Mindset, the first of eight Learning Paths and a pre-requisite for the remaining seven, focuses on the foundational understandings necessary to replace the Industrial Age model of schools with MCL’s Information Age vision of a learning community.

Course Outcomes:

Within the 5 modules of the Shifting the Mindset learning path, you will increase your understanding of an plan the next steps for yourself and for you learning community regarding:

  1. The rationale for and components of the Mass Customized Learning Vision;
  2. The role and parts of creating a shared vision – Strategic Direction – for your learning community;
  3. The current research on motivation and the implications for your learning community;
  4. The paradigm shifts fueling the MCL Vision;
  5. The value of shifting from a culture of compliance and control to one of empowerment and investment.


Bea McGarvey, Educational Consultant
Co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL)

MCCL Members Present at MCL National Summit

MCCL had approximately 30 representatives attend the Mass Customized Learning National Summit at Penn State last week. Several of our members presented on a variety of topics including our MCCL Learning Progressions, Using a LMS and learner data to group and regroup learners and designing learning opportunities built on intrinsic motivators.

All our MCCL presenters will be delivering their presentations at our MCCL Summer Summit on August 8 & 9 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine.

MCCL Summer Summit: August 8-9

On August 8th & 9th we hosted a very successful 2-day Summit. Bea McGarvey delivered our Keynote, to get us started. She helped us reconnect to our MCL Vision, reflect on what we have accomplished thus far and presented some new thinking about the development of learning opportunities defined by seminars, labs, tutorials, and mentorships. Participants engaged in a combination of whole group and breakout sessions on a variety of topics and completed our second day with World Cafe and Team Time conversations. Thank you to all those who provided a breakout session. Collectively, you offered our participants a choice of 20 different breakouts.