August 10th: MCCL Online Think Tank: The Opportunities & Challenges of COVID 19 Remote Learning

June 18th & August 10th (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Register Here for this Free Event

Learning Facilitators/Teachers, Instructional Support Staff, Parents, &K Leaders are invited to Share, Reflect, & Learn from your experiences at providing learners with a customized learning experience in the midst of COVID 19.

Educators, parents, and learners have worked very hard this spring and have been successful at keeping “learning” as the focus during these difficult times. What practices, strategies, and structures have you used that have worked and what will you continue to do when you return to your school buildings and classrooms? What will you do differently?

Join us as we problem solve the opportunities and challenges ahead. We will collect “lessons learned” from your experiences at customizing learning in a virtual, remote environment and will reflect on what is next.

These two days will include virtual small group conversations and presentations, in an effort to take advantage of the opportunity to transform the learning experience all our learners receive. We hope to highlight and celebrate the good work of all stakeholders and integrate those practices into our new school environments.

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