2020-2021 Online Professional Learning

Check back often for additional events throughout the 2020-2021 school year.


MCCL Online Think Tank: The Opportunities & Challenges of COVID 19 Learning

August 10th (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Register Here for this Free Event

Learning Facilitators/Teachers, Instructional Support Staff, Parents, &K Leaders are invited to Share, Reflect, & Learn from your experiences at providing learners with a customized learning experience in the midst of COVID 19.

Educators, parents, and learners have worked very hard this spring and have been successful at keeping “learning” as the focus during these difficult times. What practices, strategies, and structures have you used that have worked and what will you continue to do when you return to your school buildings and classrooms? What will you do differently?

Join us as we problem solve the opportunities and challenges ahead. We will collect “lessons learned” from your experiences at customizing learning in a virtual, remote environment and will reflect on what is next.

This event will include virtual small group conversations and presentations, in an effort to take advantage of this opportunity to transform the learning experience all our learners receive. We hope to highlight and celebrate the good work of all stakeholders and integrate those practices into our new school environments.


Consortium/Induction Training

August 12th followed by monthly webinar check-ins (1 hour after school sessions)
throughout the school year. Register Here

New hires/learning facilitators to the profession, or new to designing and implementing a standards-based approach, are encouraged to join us for this learning experience. We will start with one full day of online, synchronous training in the summer, followed by monthly synchronous, after-school, (1 hour) webinar sessions. The intent will be to build an understanding of a variety of topics such as: vision, mission, building a culture of voice & choice and procedural transparency, implementing learning goals/learning progressions, designing instruction, etc. We will draw from the experiences of veteran teachers within our collaborative of schools who will present during the monthly webinars and we will also use Bea McGarvey’s  MCL Shifting the Mindset Learning Path Series as a resource.
Outcomes: Participants will understand:

how a culture of voice and choice and growth mindset can be developed within their classrooms.
• the Mass Customized Learning Vision and how to develop a shared classroom vision with their learners.
• the role of the Guiding Principles and how to identify structures that support a customized learning environment.
• the 3 parts of the curriculum of learning progressions (content, habits of mind, complex reasoning).
• instructional design by writing a lesson that appropriately uses the 3 parts of the curriculum/learning progression model.
• how to unpack and track learner progress on learning goals.


Teaching Critical Thinking

August 5th & 6th (full-day online sessions) followed by 3 afterschool (2 hour) webinar sessions TBD by participants.

Register Here

This training includes how to explicitly teach a variety of critical thinking skills and integrate the teaching of critical thinking with content knowledge. Tasks/strategies that can be implemented immediately in classrooms will be provided. This training will be delivered in two full days of online, synchronous training in the summer, followed by 3 synchronous, afterschool (2 hour) webinar sessions during the Fall. (equivalent of 3 full days of professional development)
Outcomes: Participants will understand:

• how to explicitly teach higher level thinking skills.
• how to integrate the teaching of critical thinking with content knowledge.
• the evidence that their learners are thinking at higher levels.


Designing Learning Experiences

July 30th & August 13th  Register Here


Designing learning experiences that incorporate content knowledge, complex reasoning, and habits of mind requires teachers and learning facilitators to make important and informed decisions about the most appropriate instructional strategies to use with certain types of knowledge. During these two full days of online, synchronous training and discussions, teachers, learning facilitators & administrators use tuning protocols to provide each other with feedback and ideas for how to design or adjust interdisciplinary learning experiences that include the explicit teaching of complex reasoning and habits of mind. Participants leave with lessons they can use the next day. Participants will have time between each of our two live sessions to continue working on their lessons, units, etc. (equivalent of 2 full days of professional development)
Outcomes: Participants will:

• increase their understanding of planning with the three components: Content Knowledge, Complex Reasoning, & Habits of Mind.
• develop an interdisciplinary, standards-based approach to designing learning experiences.
• better understand how to select the most appropriate instructional strategies.
• explore different types of learning opportunities (Seminars, Tutorials, Labs, & Mentorships).
• provide feedback that will improve each other’s learning experiences.
• share learnings, gain insights, network with others, and create action steps that support efforts to transform their systems.


Leaders “Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate” Discussions for Building & District Leaders

2 Mondays per Month (10:30 – 11:30)

This ongoing series of online discussions will provide building-level and district leaders with an opportunity to problem solve and deepen their understanding of designing a learning community that provides every learner with the Ideal Learning Experience. Participants will define which topics they what/need to address most, what discussion formats will help them problem solve, reflect, and learn and what book(s) they would like to focus on for their book-talk discussions. Contact hour certificates will be provided.

Contact Linda Laughlin at lindaflaughlin@gmail.com if you have any questions.