Professional Learning Experiences 19-20

2019-2020- MCCL BookTalks

“Swimming in the Deep End:

Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives”

By Jennifer Abrams

In an effort to build our skills at communicating the details of the transformational changes we are making in our learning communities, we hosted online book talk sessions last spring to discuss Jennifer Abrams’ book, “Swimming in the Deep End, Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives”.

Teachers, learning facilitators, building level and district level leaders joined us for live, online, discussions about how Abrams’ messages apply to the challenges we have experienced while communicating the details of our vision.

Participants were responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book which is available through and doing some reading before attending each of our three live sessions.

After engaging directly with author, Jennifer Abrams early this Fall, the group has scheduled some additional dates to reconnect and continue our conversations. New Members are welcome to join us on these additional dates.

Additional Dates: October 28 (Catch Up/Review Session), November 18 & December 3

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. EST

MCCL Members (free) and Non-Members ($35/seat) are invited to join us for our additional book talk conversations. Anyone interested must register at:


2019-2020- MCCL Webinar Learning Experiences

A Webinar Series for New Hires/Learning Facilitators & Administrators

(3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

October 24, November 7, November 19 & December 19.  Additional dates in 2020 TBD

New hires/learning facilitators to the profession, or new to designing and implementing a standards-based approach, & administrators are encouraged to join us for this webinar series. We will start by evaluating participant’s biggest challenges and answer their urgent questions. Participants will determine the focus for future sessions and veteran teachers/learning facilitators will join us to talk about how they address these challenges in their classrooms. All participants will be given free seats in the MCL Shifting the Mindset Learning Path Series designed by Bea McGarvey, co-author of “Inevitable Mass Customized Learning, Learning in the Age of Empowerment” Register at:

Contact hour certificates will be provided. Online login details will be sent to those registered, so please register soon.

Contact Linda Laughlin at if you have any questions.


MCCL Resources: A Webinar (Members Only)

October 17, 3:30 p.m.

For several years MCCL teachers/facilitators and school leaders have been collecting and creating resources to support the design and implementation of the Ideal Learning Experience. Please invite all your teachers/facilitators and administrators to join us for a one hour webinar on October 17th at 3:30 p.m. Teachers/learning facilitators will explain & demonstrate how they use these resources. This is an unlimited “free seat” event… for MCCL Members Only
The MCCL District/School member who has the highest percentage of their teachers join us for this webinar will earn additional free seats at an upcoming training.


Critical Thinking Webinar

October 29, 3:30 p.m.

Join us as we review the different ways a learning specialist/teacher and/or administrator can deepen their understanding and improve their skills at developing effective critical thinking skills with their young learners. This discussion will include a review of the different training opportunities and resources available to help develop these important skills. Our webinar will also include a more difficult discussion about how we are applying these skills in a way that generates evidence that learners ARE thinking more deeply. What is YOUR evidence?? This is an unlimited “free seat” event… for MCCL Members and we welcome non-MCCL Members for $35/seat.

Please share our Brochure with your teachers/facilitators and school leaders or share the following registration link:

Contact hours will be provided for all training events. Please contact Linda Laughlin at if you have any questions.


Leaders “Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate” Discussions for Building & District Leaders

2 Mondays per Month (October 28, November 18, November 25, December 9, January 13, & January 27 10:30 – 11:30


Designing Learning Experiences (2 Days)

October 29 & December 3 (8:30 – 3:00)


Becoming a Learning Specialist (3 Days)

November 19, January 7, & February 10 (8:30 – 3:00)


Habits of Mind (2 Days)

January 9 & March 9 (8:30 – 3:00)