The Maine Cohort for Customized Learning (MCCL) is a statewide coalition of school systems, organizations, and individuals committed to supporting proficiency-based education in Maine school systems.

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  • MCCL Consortium Training

    Our Consortium Training is intended for anyone new to this work or those who want a refresher. Schools or school systems who are new to PBL work, or new teachers & administrators in a system that has been doing this work are encouraged to join us. This 3-day learning opportunity will touch upon all the different components of the work.  Come with a team and build a set of action […]

  • Teaching Habits of Mind

    This training event will provide an opportunity for participants to share artifacts and collaborate about how we teach and provide learners with feedback on their Habits of Mind. All participants (teachers, administrators & instructional support staff) will access our Habits of Mind Curriculum Learning Path as well as our Habits of Mind e-library of resources collected from and by MCCL teachers. This training will accommodate the needs of each of […]

  • MCCL & Thomas College Partner to Offer Education Summits in 2016-2017

    The Maine Cohort for Customized Learning is partnering with Thomas College’s Center for Innovation in Education to provide four one-day summits in the 2016-2017 school year. Our summit format provides participants an opportunity to share and collaborate in an effort to problem solve and create new methods and action steps that help address our largest implementation challenges. Our summits and their registration links are listed below. For more information, please […]

  • Teaching Complex Reasoning: A 3-Day Learning Opportunity for Teachers, Administrators & Instructional Support Staff

    Don’t miss the opportunity to learn with other teachers, administrators and instructional support staff who are learning how to explicitly teach critical thinking, including how to integrate the teaching of critical thinking with content knowledge and how critical thinking skills help us define proficiency. Schools that are not members of the MCCL are welcome to send their teachers, administrators and instructional support staff. There are two cohorts of this training […]

  • Empower UserGroup Meeting: September 19, 2016

    We have scheduled four Empower User Group Face-to-Face Sessions. These are specifically for those who are responsible for managing their Empower sites. We are offering these four sessions in different locations during the year, but we encourage ALL members who are using Empower to participate in each of these quarterly sessions. Our first is schedule for September 19th in Waterville. Please register for each of these sessions, separately, so we […]

  • Empower Teacher Webinars

    Join teachers who have been using Empower for several years as they demonstrate how to use the Empower software to customize the learning for each of their learners. Topics such as scoring, creating groups, start-up procedures, creating activities & playlists, student use of Empower, and creating and printing reports will be covered in these webinar tutorials. Registration Details are included on our “Professional Development” resource page. Please register prior to […]

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