The Maine Cohort for Customized Learning (MCCL) is a coalition of school systems, organizations, and individuals committed to supporting proficiency-based, customized learning systems. There are currently over 20 school/system members from Maine & New Hampshire along with a regional organization of 17 school systems in northern Maine (Northern Maine Education Collaborative). MCL National Alliance Partners include similar organizations in California, Pennsylvania, & South Dakota.

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  • MCCL Summer Summit: July 31 & August 1st in Windham, Maine

    Our 2019 Summer Summit is scheduled for July 31st & August 1st at Windham High School, in Windham, Maine. Register Here.  Join us for a variety of sessions presented by MCCL members who are building the Ideal Learning Experience for all their learners.

  • MCL National Summit: Rapid City, South Dakota: July 16-18 (Click here for more information & registration details)

    Our next National Mass Customized Learning Summit is scheduled for July 16-18 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Registration and more information can be found HERE.

  • Spring/Summer 2019 MCCL Webinars

    April 4, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Using Learning Progressions to Design Ideal Learning Experiences? April 23, Tuesday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Integrating Habits of Mind & Critical Thinking in Daily Lessons? Registration Link April 25, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Instructional Design: Integrating Explicit Teaching of Critical Thinking Registration Link April 29, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Teaching Habits of Mind: How Teaching […]

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